About Us

Hello and welcome to our clinic!! We treat here you to create a happy smile!! A good smile is all about a perfect 32!! And we work here to get you close to tat perfect smile!! Dentistry has changed over years and the advent of a lot of new techniques and procedures has made a visit to the dentist ” no more an enigma! ” our team is a bunch of talented people who have many credentials and are living up to it!! Our intention is simple!! Enter with a smile and leave with a perfect smile!!

Keeping in mind that a patient’s comfort is most important, the lounge is designed to make sure that everyone feels at home. All patients feel a sense of relaxation as soon as they come to Dr. Sangule’s Dental Hospital & Implant Center. Young and old Patients enjoy their short wait as they listen to music or read. A roomy and spacious area that seats the patients and their friends/relatives easily.

Our  Dental Care Center provide cosmetic dentists specialize in general & cosmetic dentistry within the perspective of both preventive and comprehensive cosmetic dental care for all its patients.  Our primary objective is to provide personalized high quality dental care in a compassionate and friendly environment.

At Dr. Sangule’s Dental Hospital and Implant  Center, We maintain a hygienic environment by following proper sterilization and disinfection methods.
Undergoing hot as well as cold sterilization methods using.
* Autoclave [Steam Sterilization].
* Q dent glass bead sterilizer.
* Q dent ultrasonic cleaner.
* Q dent U.V. cabinet.
* Water Boiler.
* Q dent needle destroyer.